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ICUsteps Intensive Care Patient Support Conference

  • 13 Nov 2013
  • Milton Keynes
ICUsteps Intensive Care Patient Support Conference
ICUsteps first patient /relative support group was establishedin 2005. In 2009, co-founders Mo Peskett and Peter Gibbpublished a Nursing in Critical Care article on setting upsupport groups. Since then, we've advised and helpednumerous groups get up and running.Building on the joint guidelines on support groups, producedwith the Intensive Care Society, this conference will highlightwhy patients need support after discharge, how supportgroups can help and what you need to do to set up a groupand keep it running.The conference will feature presentations from leadingexperts, including Dr. Stephen Brett, Imperial College and Dr.Christina Jones, Whiston Hospital as well as workshops toexplore the practicalities of establishing a group in your area. 
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