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NOrF Operational Standards and Competencies
           for Critical Care Outreach Services

Result of Membership Consultation*

The National Outreach Forum (NOrF) has undertaken a membership consultation on the proposed Operational Standards and Competencies for Critical Care Outreach Services framework document.

Thank you to those who participated in the consultation – your views have been extremely helpful.
As you can imagine, we have received a variety of diverse comments reflective of aspirational desires to provide holistic, high quality, patient focussed services. Indeed, the degree of diversity of comments suggests that this first iteration provides a sound foundation on which to start benchmarking existing services and guiding the development of the new.

Some members have requested more specific guidance whilst others acknowledge the advantage of a more general standardised approach that is not too prescriptive and allows for local service needs. For example, some members suggest that a minimum academic requirement for practitioners should be specified; whilst others feel that restricting team membership by academic ability may exclude some clinically very able colleagues.

Members are obviously very passionate about their local track and trigger systems and have requested inclusion of a number of additional parameters which they find locally useful. In keeping with national guidance we would suggest that additional ‘stand alone’ triggers (such as urine output) can be used alongside NEWS or the locally validated track and trigger system.

Other responses included a request for NOrF to define pay scales which fall out with the remit of this consultation.

We have listened to your views and hope that this first iteration of the NOrF Operational Standards and Competencies for Critical Care Outreach Services will assist you achieve your aspirations in providing high quality care for the patients we serve.

Thank you for your contribution


*Operational Standards and Competencies for Critical Care Outreach Services:  Members Consultation Result 16 10 2011

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