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What PPE for CCO?

  • 20 Mar 2020 13:39
    Message # 8844787

    Can I ask what PPE your CCO teams are being provided with to review ‘possible’ COVID patients awaiting swab results? Currently we are being told ordinary face masks (Not FFP3) and aprons and gloves are sufficient. We feel very vulnerable particularly when we are met in ICU after transferring a patient, with staff in full PPE.

  • 21 Mar 2020 12:28
    Reply # 8846638 on 8844787
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello Suzanne,

    We are all keeping within the NHSE/PHE guidelines for suspected and for proven cases. There are different PPEs, standard and enhanced for the AGPs. Your trust should have enough PPEs to be able to follow national guidelines, otherwise, my advice would be to escalate internally and if needed to escalate to your regional Critical Care Network.

  • 27 Mar 2020 14:40
    Reply # 8862166 on 8844787

    My team are all very concerned about PPE as well. We have a cohorted ward for suspected COVID - 19 positive patients and we are being told to wear apron, gloves and surgical mask as they are 'only suspected'.One of these 'suspected' patient's has since been transferred to ICU and been confirmed as positive.

    This is the message we are receiving from public health but it does not feel we are being appropriately protected.

  • 28 Mar 2020 07:52
    Reply # 8863658 on 8844787

    I agree our teams are in a difficult position. We have been following national guidance but that means we have been wearing surgical masks and pinnies most of the time. I want the ward staff to see us following the same guidance as them as they are all scared but we are very high risk moving from very sick patient to very sick patient. Now you have to wear FFP3 inside any ICU with COVID patients - we put them on for the whole transfer. 

    We have bought our own reusable goggles from hardware stores that we clean and each have our own pair. We carry a full gown and FFP3 in a pack in our pockets to ensure we have them for attending arrest calls. But we are consistently short PPE in ward areas.

    Myself and another 8a are now off with symptoms. I am hoping the next announcement about PPE is more sensible and will protect our staff. Then we will just need the supplies addressed (though in the last few days this has improved in relation to masks).

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