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Using V60 as an invasive ventilator

  • 16 Mar 2020 14:32
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    It has been proposed in my hospital that if needed we will use the V60 as an invasive ventilator. Does anybody have any guidance or experience of using the V60 in this way. Phillips seem to have very little guidance. 

    Grateful for any words of wisdom


  • 21 Mar 2020 12:36
    Reply # 8846644 on 8834506
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello Rachel,

    I have been in touch with the Philips-Respironics team for the use of our Trilogys202 as invasive ventilator and have had a good reply and support.

    We can even use them as transport ventilators, with a viral filter mounted on the exhaust (using the passive circuit).  We will obviously use the Trilogys for those patients that have respiratory failure but they are stable and weaning. We hope we dont have to use them invasively for too many sick ARDS patients becausw of lack of ICU invasive ventilators.

    I asked them about the V60s and they told me that in theory they could be used as invasive ventilators but they dod not recommend them. Philips has a good support and their educator has helped us a lot swtting up our NIV service. If you want I will email you her contact details and you can asked directly about the V60s.

    In which region do you work?


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