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ALERT, AIMS courses

  • 06 Nov 2018 11:22
    Message # 6891003

    Can you let me know what courses for patient deterioration you run in your Trusts.




  • 07 Nov 2018 07:40
    Reply # 6892527 on 6891003

    Hello Cheryl,

     At Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust we run all 3  AIM courses (adult, paediatric & maternity).

    In addition for our adult nurse responders we run a 1/2 day course that builds on AIM principles and equips skills to deliver a fluid bolus via a PGD.

    We also have an in house course for nursing assistants, the 'Nursing Assistants Supporting Acute Care' (NASAC).



  • 12 Nov 2018 14:36
    Reply # 6900604 on 6891003


    Our outreach team (rebranded the acute intervention team) runs day long course about the deteriorating patient, sepsis, escalation protocol, NEWS scoring, acute kidney injury, resp failure and oxygen safety.  We generally run it once a month.  We also ran a shorter course for health cares but these never really took off.  Attendance was poor so we now incorporate into the day long session.  Our session is open to all members of the MDT, even consultants attend.  I hope that helps


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