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  • 07 Mar 2018 23:53
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            We have a 24hr CCOT which has been running very successfully for 8 years now with 2 full time clinical nurse consultants and multiple part time clinical nurses. The question has been raised lately about the value of the 2 consultant roles, with  these 2 roles being seen externally as providing the same care/service as the clinical nurses. The last time we bench marked we had far fewer senior nurse positions than other services. I was hoping people might be willing to share the model of staffing you use in your service and the hours you operate to assist us in bench marking. 

    Thanks in advance for your time. 

  • 08 Mar 2018 11:33
    Reply # 5913949 on 5906832
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Shannon, I understand your clinical nurse consultants are different roles to ours in the UK - more like our Band 8a roles as far as I understand from Australian colleagues. In the UK, most outreach teams are lead by a matron (8a or 8b, so a senior clinical position) with managerial and leadership responsibilities for the team).  They would usually be supported by a team of Band 7s (independent autonomous practitioners, a lot with prescribing skills and often with management duties) and Band 6s (senior nurses, no managment). Some progressive trusts have nurse consultant positions as well as, or in place of matrons (a more senior leadership position, requiring a doctorate, but not necessarily with management responsibilities).  The most recent critical care nursing workforce survey for the UK, which includes outreach information has not yet been published as it is still being analysed, but most services now work to 24/7 staffing models. some smaller hospitals remain a 7 day service, not covering nights. Some also incorporate 'Hospital at Night' models. Here is a link to the 2016 report that has some outreach info included: http://cc3n.org.uk/

    Best wishes, Natalie (EB member)

  • 09 Mar 2018 03:20
    Reply # 5925168 on 5906832

    Thanks so much for this response. All great info. I would also love to know  the FTE( full time equivalent) staffing levels of CCOTs that run 24/7 if anyone is willing to share. 

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