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NEWS charts

  • 30 Jan 2017 14:44
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    We changed over to NEWS charts from PARS and we are auditing  the wards monthly on accuracy of charts and wither they escalated /documented in the notes etc....

    We have a NEWS link nurse for each ward and we send out reminders before the audit is due.

    But we are still getting poor results especially on the escalation part. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas to help improve things.

    I am new to outreach and have just taken on this role ! the wards do there own audits

    Many thanks x.

  • 01 Feb 2017 14:02
    Reply # 4580751 on 4575563

    Hi Caroline,

    I work on outreach in North Wales where we have used NEWS since 2013.  Our team runs education sessions on the importance of recording accurate NEWS and how to implement the escalation protocol.  Since August 2015 we have had medical emergency calls (MET) that can be put out if a patient scores a 9 or more.  If a MET call is initiated the cardiac arrest team as well as someone from the patients speciality attends in a timely fashion.  Our respiratory ward is obviously sensible obout this.  There is a section on the front of our charts to opt out of scoring or change parameters (COPD accepting lower sats etc).  I have also completed a dissertation for my MSc advanced clinical practice on the nurses exxperience of using NEWS.

    Were about do you work?


  • 02 Feb 2017 13:09
    Reply # 4583030 on 4575563


    Thanks for your reply. I work in west midlands.

    Its more that sometimes the ward don't document escalation or even don't escalate! sometimes the NEWS score is not accurate. 

    We teach most weeks on the the trust induction and yearly updates that trust staff do. So possibly need to target the wards that are failing the audit. But its getting the staff time to attend teaching sessions when they are busy and short staffed.


  • 02 Feb 2017 15:56
    Reply # 4583421 on 4575563
    Deleted user

    Hi Caroline

    It is not an easy fix, it has taken us many years!

     Who does the VS monitoring?  Do your HCA's get adequate training?

    When we moved to electronic recording our monitoring improved dramatically and it is consistantly very good.  However we are having the same challenges with documentation and escalation in response to deterioration.

    I think the key is continued education.  Sharing patient adverse  events or near misses is always powerful.  

    Have you thought about league tables? Wards can get very competative.

    Stay motivated, it will get better!


  • 15 Nov 2017 12:04
    Reply # 5587202 on 4575563

    Hello thank you for your reply's.

    Just a quick question. How often do you have NEWS link nurse meetings? we have them every three months but find the attendance is variable.

    We sometimes feel that we repeat ourselves ! but is important to feedback to the wards how they are doing.

    Does anyone have any experience of this or any ideas?

    Many thanks x  

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