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  • 21 Aug 2012 19:34
    Message # 1052624
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    My Trust is considering entering the Spotlight study and I was wondering how other OR teams are looking at collecting their data and how much time you are predicting for data collection for each patient?

    Lots of questions like are you incorporating extra questions into your method of data collection you already have - Will you be collecting prospecivley on every patient or retrospecively on patients admitted to Critical care?

    Look forward to hearing how others are looking at this


    15 November 2010
  • 21 Aug 2012 19:35
    Reply # 1052625 on 1052624
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Hi Catriona,
    We are also planning to take part in the Spotlight study in the near future.
    The Outreach team are going to collect the data as part of the initial patient assessment, with critical care doctors collecting between 10pm and 8am when we are not around.

    To be honest, we actually collect most of the data anyway, so it shouldn't be more time consuming than normal - I may change my mind when we do start collecting!

    Unfortunately we don't have hand held computers, so it is going to be a purely paper exercise. We will also have to input the data ourselves as we have no secretarial support.
    it will be really useful to hear about experiences from anyone who has already joined the study?

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