Chris Hancock - Board Member NOrF / Wales link
Programme Manager
Rapid Response to Acute Illness Learning Set (RRAILS), 1000 Lives +

I am a patient safety advisor and improvement leader working in Welsh health and social care. I was an original member of the 1000 Lives Patient Safety Campaign team in 2008 and since 2010 I have managed the Global Sepsis Award winning Rapid Response to Acute Illness (RRAILS) Acute Deterioration programme. This initiative has enabled clinical teams throughout Wales to improve the identification and treatment of the causes of acute deterioration including sepsis and AKI.

As an important step in this project, I facilitated the implementation of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) as the standard in all acute Welsh hospitals by 2013, and in over 60 hospitals by 2015, the first large healthcare system in which this was achieved.

Prior to this, from 2006 to 2008 I led the Welsh Critical Care Improvement Programme (WCCIP), showing that reliable implementation of care bundles in all Welsh ICUs was associated with sustained reductions in central line infections. 

From 2017 - 2019 I managed the ‘All Wales Peer Review of Acute Deterioration Services’ developing a whole hospital methodology and ensuring that acute deterioration was established as a core consideration in all Welsh Health Boards.

More recently from 2019 I have been supporting all 177 Welsh District Nursing and Community Resource Teams to adopt and implement NEWS as part of the ‘Community NEWS’ programme.

I have sat on the Expert Advisory Groups for the NCEPOD ‘Just Say Sepsis’ Study, the NPSA ‘Matching Michigan’ Study and the European Union IMPLEMENT Programme. I am a Fellow of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme and received the RCN Wales ‘Nurse of the Year’ Award in the Individual and Population Health category in 2019.

My background is in critical care nursing and clinical education with a particular interest in patient safety, quality improvement, measurement, behaviour change and human factors.

At present, I am on secondment with Welsh Government, working on the safe resumption of services following the initial response to COVID-19 in Welsh Health and Social Care.


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