Dr Isabel Gonzalez - Chair NOrF

Consultant Critical Care, South Tees Hospitals

Medical Lead for North of England Critical Care Network

Isabel Gonzalez is a consultant in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, and the medical lead for the Critical Care Outreach Team and the Deteriorating Patient at South Tees Hospitals. She is also the Medical Lead for the North of England Critical Care Network and member of the Adult Critical Care CRG.

She has broad clinical experience in Critical Care and Acute Care and is fully engaged with the agenda of the Deteriorating Patient (trust lead) and safer care and is involved in the introduction and updating of electronic observation system. Her main interests are around the systems and philosophy of the early recognition and management of the acutely ill patients, including the educational needs and competency based programmes for the multidisciplinary team.

One of her many interests is in multidisciplinary education,training, development of acute competencies and leads on the delivery of the Acute Illness Management Course. She has developed courses for Tracheostomy Care, Sepsis, Practical Procedures in Critical Care and Non Invasive Ventilation and Advanced Oxygen Therapy Courses. She is North East Faculty Member of the IMPACT course. She is one of the co-founders of the Critical Care Outreach Course - CCOrC (competence-based training for Critical Care Outreach practitioners). 

Isabel was elected as Chair of the National Outreach Forum at the 2017 AGM.


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